Date(s) - 17/09/2019 - 18/09/2019
21:00 - 1:30



FAUX FEROCIOUS (US/ Burger Records)
Faux Ferocious is a 4-piece punk band that originally formed in Knoxville when its members were enrolled at the University of Tennessee. The band’s hypnotic and pulsing lo-fi rock is reminiscent of classic garage droners like the Velvet Underground, John Spencer Blues Explosion and Chronic Town era R.EM. Their latest LP Pretty Groovy came out in February of 2019 on Burger Records.

THE CONSCRIPTS (US/ Byllepest Distro)
With memberes of MALOKIO, PRIMER REGIMEN and PMS 84; THE CONSCRIPTS scip the demo, skip the debut EP and go straight on to the full length manifesto that is their debut LP.
With lyrics raging with criticism but also a sincere hope for change accompanied by the charged marching we all love about the genre. punk.

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