Date(s) - 11/11/2016 - 12/11/2016
21:00 - 1:00



Hey Kids! Here we come with a absolutely great selected lineup for friday nov 11th. There will be a suprise wich will be announced later. But first watch out these great artists:


In Humanoid we are witness to the birth of one of the great Rock´n´Roll voices. Absolutely essential! – Steven Hutchinson

MDME SPKR makes dirty fuzzed up noise that sends me back to Seattle, New York, Chicago or Washington basements in 1987 – Chris Reeder (Rocket Recordings)

Humanoid is ego destroying and powerful soul music in the true sense of the world – Demian Castellations (The Oscillation)

Candice Gordon

„Agreeably bonkers slice of horror themed garage rock raucousness“ – The Guardian

Candice Gordon is a gothic post-punk artist residing in Berlin. Her previously released EP ‚Before the Sunset Ends‘, was produced by punk legend Shane MacGowan, and its title track was hailed as the „the greatest song never to feature on the Twin Peaks soundtrack“ – Hotpress.

Her songs range from the esoteric to the balls-out rock and roll screamers. „I wouldn’t even raise a surprise eyebrow if you told me that Candice Gordon is one of Jim Morrison’s bastard offspring, such is her effortlessly theatrical style and sultry air.“ – Listen with Monger.

Her full length album ‚Garden of Beasts‘ will be out January 2017.

☆ + DJanes ☆