Date(s) - 16/01/2018 - 17/01/2018
21:00 - 0:00



Here we go with the newest show:

◄ Tales of Murder and Dust ►

Tales of Murder and Dust (DK) play cinematic, dark Psych/Post-Punk, delivered with razor sharp precision and chilling assaults of beautiful noise.
Since their debut in 2009, Tales of Murder and Dust has moved through an impressive range of styles and genre-explorations; from their eerie Psych-Folk/Surf on Peyote (2009) to their mesmerizing Neo-psychedelic/Shoegaze classic “Hallucination of Beauty”(2012) followed by the dynamic gothic Post-Punk sound on „Skeleton Flowers“ EP (2013).
With their latest offering, ‚The Flow In Between‘ (2016, Fuzz Club) they have continued walking down a heavy, dark path with a signature sound that has placed them on the forefront of Scandinavian Psych-noir and set an exciting course for their next release (2018).


☽ Vitch Luver ☾

Der Vitch Luver hat mal wieder seine Horde spielwütiger Musiker aus dem Leipziger Underground zusammengerottet, um das neue Jahr mit einer gehörigen Portion lautem 60s & 70s inspiriertem Psych Rock einzuläuten.